‘It’s grease, glamour and guts in equal measures’
Burt Reynolds


“In the spirit of true raging, you cannot rage harder than Gumball”
Ryan Dunn (Jackass)

Launched in Europe in 1999, 'Gumball 3000' has fast gained its reputation as being "the most glamorous and notorious rally ever staged!" (NBC News). In 2003 it was filmed for theatrical release by Universal Pictures. Now, in 2004, we are bringing it to television....

This is the viewer’s chance to watch the Jackass stars, the Viva La Bam boys, supermodel Jodie Kidd, skateboard megastar Tony Hawk and Cannonball Run legend Burt Reynolds, and 150 super cars with a truly international cast of drivers, as they race 3000 miles across France, Spain and North Africa. And when we say “cars”, we are talking about some of the world's most amazing and custom built super cars ever. There’s no end of Ferraris, Lamborghinis, Bentleys, and even a nitrous-injected VW Campervan for the ultimate 'road trip'!

On Tuesday 4th May, the cars will arrive in Paris from all over the world to take part in the 6 day event using nothing but public roads. With traffic violation fines in the last rally which was across America running at over $50,000 and 14 arrests, Gumball 2004 will be an action-packed chase from Paris to the Sahara and back, with a serious party every night, and very little time for sleep.


While some like to race, (and often exceed speeds of 160 mph), the ‘Spirit of the Gumball’ is bigger than that: It’s not really about arriving first, it’s about your attitude, how you drive, what you drive……… and the tales of what happens to you along the way.

With some of the world’s most aspirational cars, glamorous locations, extravagant parties, and an eclectic mix of celebrities, entrepreneurs and personalities thrown in for good measure this is one rally that turns heads and makes news wherever it goes. Described by Vogue as:


We propose a six part series, getting inside the cockpit with six of the drivers and their experiences during the chase.

Each character will have their own dedicated Digibeta crew following their highs, lows and ‘Gumball moments’ in the build-up, during and in the aftermath of the rally. We chart their personal aims? What does it feel like to drive 3000 miles in six days, while partying every night? Will they evade the police altogether, try to bribe them, or get arrested? How does the world’s greatest skateboarder talk his way round a Moroccan road cop? And will they win any of the Gumball awards? The fly on the wall style will reveal all, enhanced by a great soundtrack, graphic mapping of the route and the vehicles, and fabulous aerial photography of the event.

A ninety-minute special will also combine the best moments of the Gumball 3000 into a more compact offering.

We will select the six drivers from the following entrants:

Burt Reynolds – Hollywood star, Gumball enthusiast and lead in the original Cannon Ball run.

Orlando Bloom – Hollywood star of Lord of the Rings and Pirates of the Caribbean

Jeremy Clarkson – BBC Top Gear Presenter

Tiff Needell and Vicki Butler Henderson – FIVE Fifth Gear Presenters and archrivals of Jeremy Clarkson. Determined to drive him into the ground.

50 Cent – Rap Star

Johnny Knoxville, of Jackass fame.

Steve O and Chris Pontius formerly Jackass now Wildboyz

Bam & Ryan Dunn – Of Viva LaBam, currently the US’ highest rating TV show

Jodie Kidd – Super Model

Tony Hawk – skateboard champion

……or one or more of any of the colourful and eclectic characters that define a true “Gumballer”.


Tuesday 4th
Paris - registration & party at L’Hotel George V

Wednesday 5th
The rally begins at 20:00 – They cars drive through the night to the first checkpoint at Biarritz castle.

Thursday 6th
Check-point at the Real Madrid Football Stadium - breakfast hosted by the club. Drive on to Marbella for a day of sleep and a beach party that night.

Friday 7th
Drive through the desert to Marrakech via a boat crossing at Gibraltar. Party in Moroccan Palace that night hosted by the King of Morocco.

Saturday 8th
Drive from Marrakech, via Almeria to Barcelona in time to watch
the Grand Prix at 13:00 Sunday.

Sunday 9th
Arrive at the F1 Grand Prix in Barcelona – main grandstand for all
Gumballers. Party that night in Barcelona

Monday 10th
Drive to Cannes for finish party, check-point en route at the French F1 circuit Paul Ricard where drivers can race around the circuit

Arrive in Cannes the day before the Cannes film festival - cars parked on the Croisette, world press – Ritz Carlton Hotel hosts the finishing party.

A FEW OF THE CARS............

1. Koenigsegg x 1
2. Ferrari Dino x 1
3. Ferrari F50 x 1
4. Ferrari 456 x 4
5. Ferrari 360 spider x 10
6. Lambo Mucialargo x 3
7. Jaguar E-type x 1
8. Bentley's Continental GT x 4
9. Pagani Zonda x 1
10. Lambo Gallardo x 1
11. Aston Martin Vaquish x 2
12. Lambo Muira x 1
13. Porsche RUF x 3
14. Porsche 911 x 15
15. Maserati Merak x 1
16. Dodge Viper x 2
17. Hummers x 2
18. Rolls Royce x 2
19. Lamborghini Diablo x 1
20. Range Rover Overfinch

For additional information on the Gumball Rally and to see the trailer for the Gumball 3000 Movie, check out www.gumball3000.com


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