Welcome to your Team Darkcyd-Participants in the 2004 Gumball Rally and 2005 Players Run!!SaleenParis

The site was designed to chronicle our adventures on these Cannonball Run style events where we have witnessed some of the craziest people, been to the craziest parties, seen the most terrible crashes, and made some life long friends from all around the world.

Such adventures have taken us so far to London, Paris, Madrid, Marbella, Casablanca, Marakesh, Fez, Barcelona, Cannes, France and multiple parts of the U.S. which include the the Oregon Mountains, Pacific coast Highway, track events along the way etc.

LotusMainSuch rallys included driving not stop for 24 hours straight without sleeping for 40 hours and then only for a 20 minute break to continue on. Crossing the Straights of Gilbralter with over 30MM of the most exotic cars in the world invcluding Enzo Ferrari's, Nobles, Bently Gt's, Twin Turbo Porches and a myriad of wierd entrants like the AYA boys (Japenese equivelant to MTV's Jackass) in a Winnnabago. Witessing rally cars after flipping numerous times, Vipers detroyed after hitting bumps in the road racing at at over 140 miles per hour through the Moroccan desert, to undidentifiable terrorist looking types holding AK- 47 rifles at the only bridge we could cross by ourselves. We've seen it all , and as a result we would like to share it with you.



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