***For Immediate Release***

Date: June 4th, 2005


At approximately 9:00 AM a reported 50 high dollar sports cars left King
County on a multi-state road rally destined to end in Las Vegas, Nevada
(according to several of the drivers arrested by Clark County WSP policeshot2

Law enforcement agencies all the way down the I-5 Corridor into Oregon
have been receiving reports of these vehicles driving at high speeds. The
cars are easily identified by the "Players Run.Com" decals plastered all
over the vehicles, (as if their aggressive driving and choice of vehicle
were not enough).

At approximately 11:45 AM, today, Troopers in Cowlitz County observed
"many" vehicles sporting the "Players Run" decals traveling at extreme
high speeds south on I-5. Two of the Troopers managed to get 2 of the
vehicles stopped. Trooper Kenny Lutz, south of their location in an
unmarked vehicle, had a group of 5 race past him at an estimated 120+ mph.
He followed the pack at a distance, their speeds varying between the
speed limit and 100+ mph, driving aggressively with constant bad passes,
lane travel and following too close violations. A 6th vehicle (the blue
NSX) which was not part of the "Players Run" joined the group near

Sergeant Roy Rhine in Clark County set up just a short distance of where
the pack passed Lutz. When they reached Sgt. Rhine, he and Lutz tried to
pull the 6 vehicles over. They failed to yield by continuing at the speed
limit or less, by not pulling over for the Troopers. The Troopers ended
up doing a rolling road block, stopping all traffic on the freeway and
singling out the 6 they wanted and moving them off to the shoulder.

Troopers in Lewis, Cowlitz and Clark Counties ended up stopping
approximately 15 of the "Players Run" vehicles, plus 2 others that got
"caught up" in the moment. 3 were cited for speed violations of 90+. One
for Negligent Driving 2nd Degree ($538.00) and 8 for Reckless
Driving (up to $1000.00 fine, 1 year in jail and an automatic 30 day
license suspension).

So far the highest recorded speed on one of the vehicles has been 126 mph,
(he was cited for reckless). The vehicles were licensed in the states of
Washington, Oregon, Colorado, Maryland, Florida and Texas.

A trooper in Lewis county advised one of the cars he stopped, a Porsche,
was outfitted with a police scanner, video equipment (live streaming video
which he claimed was being sent directly to Las Vegas), GPS unit,
communications devices to stay in contact with the other cars and the
driver claimed some of the vehicles were outfitted with devices to jam
police radar. The same driver told the Trooper that "we are just a bunch
of wealthy guys that have money to spend on gadgets", "We are
enthusiasts". Driver's told the troopers that to participate they had to
sign an agreement that they wouldn't break the law while on the run. 



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