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The latest addition which was purchaed for the BullRun07 Event from Montreal to Key West is the Darkcyd Murci. With over 575 HP, it has Maya RT5 deep dish rims and a full set of typical Darkcyd goodiesDarkcydMurciCropped such as scanners, jammers, integrated radar detection, full Alpine sound system with Navigation, and new for this year a GPS tracking system, it the new king of the stable, and looks quite evil just standing still.





For the 2005 Players Run event we went with our 2001 Black Twin Turbo Lotus Esprit.

LotusMain Unlike older models this Esprit is the V-8 Twin Turbo, which has about   350HP and does 0-60 in the high 4 second range, with a top speed of about 180MPH. It is quite light at about 3000 pounds and only major modifications is the Custom made HRE 545R's rims that were specifically made for the car, and radar jamming equipment. It has just had a new Alpine sytem installed with DVD and full Navigation system integrated into the main screen, with a plug   in for an Ipod which can be controlled on the main screen.



For the 2004 Gumball Rally in Europe, we stormed Europe and North Africa in our 2000 Supercharged Saleen Speedster.

SaleenLondonThis car which has been extensively modified, has about 365 HP including but not limited to; 4:11 Gears, Roots Style Supercharger, Full Offroad Exhaust, Headers, Recaro electric and heated seats, and a   full Alpine sytem. The Saleen   turned more heads in Europe than many of the "exotics". This was not surprising because they do not export such cars   in Europe, and few exotics have the rumble of a well tuned Supercharged V-8.








  A recent addition to the fleet was a present for the Emptaraviperfrontcolorress of the Darkcyd. She wanted a new Viper and her wish was granted.  The 8.3 Liter V-10 6 speed enjoys 525 lb-ft of Torque making the viper one of the strongest Automobiles you can purchase. In order to ensure she could handle the 505 HP, she trained at Bob Bondurant race school for 3 days. This Viper also sports HRE 547 R's to ensure that evil look.




Le Support Vehicles

  NavibwThe 04 Navigator is a wonderful support vehicle, although we were not able to have one in Europe which was frustrating since we could only bring luggage wise what we could fit into the car. This Navigator which also has custom built HRE 547-R rims has full Nav, DVD, and all the goodies one would expect from a luxury SUV, including the all important air condioned seats!

The Supercharged 4.3 liter Type "R" Jaguar is an excellent chase vehicle.
        The only problem is since it has over 400 HP, with almost 400 pounds/ft of torque, it is often the one getting chased.                                                                                                                                                         DSC02288



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