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Players Run 05

This is where we will post daily updates as we do the Players Run starting in Seattle on June 2nd at the Fairmont hotel in Seattle, and ending on June 9th at the Bellagio Hotel June 10th. We welcome comments on the event as it unfolds.


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Just got itinerary so if you are near any of the checkpoints please stop by and say Hello. The Lotus is currently in Seattle at one of the best Stereo shops there, thanks to Roy Cats with the Lamborghini. He e has been most hospitable, and helping me out. Getting the Alpine Navigation installed with Laser Jammer for the not so friendly members of law enforcement. Somehow they mount sensors on the front and rear of the car and it integrates into the Valentine1. Don't know much about it other than he said they could do it and I said yes. Also having some additional stereo work done and the biggest fight with the wife related to whether putting the subwoofer in the boot or under the passenger side foot well. Space is certainly a premium in the car and since the footwell is extra long on the Lotus she capitulated. Her one caveat which she said as we wer both on speaker phone to the installer in Seattle is, we cannot lose more the 6 inches of footwell or he will have to remove it. He promised and for my sake I hope he does what he says. Last thing I need is a pissed of co-driver before we even start this endurance type event.

Anyways hope to see anybody that can make it.

Players Run 2005 is starting on June 4th! starting in Seattle and the finish is in Vegas.

June 3rd Seattle, WA
Car check in at the Fairmont hotel
June 4th Cars leave from the Fairmont hotel at 9.00 am

June 4th Ashland, OR
Cars arrive at the Ashland springs hotel at 9.00 pm
June 5th Cars leave for San Francisco, CA 8.00 am

June 5th San Francisco, CA
Cars arrive at the Fairmont hotel at 7.00 pm
June 6th Cars leave for Los Angeles, CA at 9.00 am

June 6th Los Angeles, CA
Cars arrive at the Mondrian at 6.00 pm
June 7th Cars leave for San Diego, CA at 9.00 am

June 7th San Diego, CA
Cars arrive at the Solamar hotel at 6.00 pm
June 8th Cars leave for Las Vegas at 9.30 am

June 8th Las Vegas, NV
Cars arrive at the Bellagio at 6 pm

They are also having a picture contest so bring your camera and video camera to capture the moment!


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Ok the day for departure is among us. We are getting ready to head for Miami for our flight out. I believe the Lotus was picked up from the Shop in Seattle, thanks to Roy Cats who will be running his Lamborghini   in the event, and took his precious time to help out,. but has not been confirmed yet since its still early in the West Coast. If that is so, then we should have the Alpine Navigation integrated with the DVD and main control unit, the the new Laser jamming equipment, which integrates into the Valentine one radar detector, , the additional stereo mods which added an new amp and small sub in the footwell of the passenger seat,  and the Ipod hookup which integrates the Ipod into the main control unit. A   fellow runner in the event with a Porsche 911 made me aware of some very good preprogrammed police scanners,  and we ordered a Uniden BCT-8 with something called Bear Tracker proximity alert. If a highway patrol car is using his radio within 3 miles it will alert us like a radar detector. Device also gets the new digital bands so it might actually be pretty comical to hear what they have to say as we run through each state.

Between the radar detector, jammer, scanner,  walkies, and text messaging we are about as covered as we can reasonably can be. In the Europe Gumball 3000event, scanners were not available and Cb's run on differnt frequencies so were useless. Hopefully this event will find such tools more productive. Team Darkcyd's indespensible co drivernavigator   Tara spent countless hours loading her IPod so we don't fall asleep, and have plenty of variety. The problem is it will not convert MP3's unless it determined you bought it, so none of my 20 gigs (pre IPOD) of music will convert and primarily what she loaded on the IPod is what is going to be played.. Since I typically like more agressive music which is appropriate for this event, I hope it all works out and not fighting to get "dancing queen" out of my head.

Will be sending out a test of the email list once in Miami,  to make sure that works for those that will be able to get such reports Straight to their inbox. We will be arriving to Seattle tommorow by 6 and unfortunately are going to miss the big party held at Roy's mansion for all the participants. O well..


Please visit for more information on Team Darkcyd's participation in the 2005 Players Run driven by Robb and Tara Rill, from Seattle to Vegas, starting June 3rd to June 9th.


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Corrected Email

Players Run 05

Hello everyone,

This is the group test email to make sure everything is working properly. If you got this email it is either because you are a friend , family member, or Gumball 3000 participant in Europe last year. For those not aware, we are currently in route to Seattle and will chronicle this years Players Run event through the our website with more background info at This year instead of running in the Supercharged Saleen Speedster, we will be running in a Twin Turbo Lotus Esprit V-8. If you are not familar, please check out the site which has some previous log entries and will give you the ability to track our progress. We will have wireless internet in the car, so if all goes well, you should receive one email a day for the event. We are also using 2 mounted video cameras, with footage that will be made available on the site as soon as its completed. The Gumball 3000 footage is being edited now after some technical issues with the way it was encoded, and should be made available in about 2 weeks. For those in the West Coast, please check the Itinirary on our site which shows the checkpoints at the end of each day and say hello in person if travel permits. We already know of people planning to meet us at every checkpoint so it will be fun. There certainly are not alot of opportunities to see such a large groups of exotics tear it up together so I assure you it will be worth it.



by Robb and Tara Rill,from Seattle to Vegas, starting June 3rd to June 9th.


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Day Before Start

  Ok we made it in last night about 6. Car picked us up, and their were no problems with baggage. Tara was quite tired so plan was to drop her off at the hotel Fairmont and have car wait to Take me to roy cats house where he was celebrating his birthday with about about 30 exotic cars at his house. I had not heard any updates on if my car was even picked up from the shop to have the stereo, Nav, jammers, etc. installed and honestly was little worried something went wrong and they wanted to tell me in person. so I'm checking in at hotel and couple next to us Richard and Donna and they ask me if we were in the run and say they are running in a Gallardo. I say yea and that I'm heading to the party at Roy Cats house to pick up my car.   They then ask what car and I say Lotus Esprit. She then says -wow what a stereo it has and I was so happy top hear that car actually was there safe and sound with a confirmed sighting on it I hug her! She says the Stereo shop was sowcasing it and the goodies including the jammer and as a result they are installing like 7 more.

So I hop in the car with the driver downstairs and we rush to Roy's house. Police has initially blocked off area for the party.   Its quite a scene with exotics everywhere and quite a bit of young women. Roy himself has a beautiful garage that runs two deep, and showcases his 4 Lambos and celebrating his birthday. Great guy who paid for everything in advance to get job done without even meeting me! I meet some of the guys including the guys in charge of install and one of these girls is posing on the car. Its a funny scene and apparently one of the installers "friends". Anyways she is mtenioning how she loves Lotuses because of pretty women and all that, and Im mainly trying to see the equipment that was installed. Guys in Seattle at Car Toy's in Seatlle are very professional even though head sales guy Patrick was a little tispy and rambling a bit about how my wife threatened to shoot the installer if the subwoofer in passenger well took more then 6 inches and they got away with just 5. She didn't threaten them   but rather said she would get in car if was beyond 6 which was the promise. Anyway we all got what we wanted. Cars and people are everywhere and they want to grab some dinner at mexican place just down the street.   So Zoe the girl posing on car demands a ride, I oblige taking her to the Mexican place and we end up meeting with about 50 of Roys friends and other Players run guys.

I meet up with Bulent and Peter who arranged to ship my car and are running the news 911GT3 Rs. Car is fully race out with full frame roll cage, Recaro racing seats etc. and I have to say Peter who is German is one of the funniest guys I met. He talks like Arnold Scwartzenager (sp), but has long hair. He don't even try to be funny and makes me laugh. So he and Bulent introduce me to cool guy named Robert also running in his F40 who lives in Seattle. Cool young guy about 26 who graduated from MIT and sold some   technology for quite a bit of money to Cisco and living the good life. we hit it off and he is going to show us his 12 car garage with double lifts for his stable of nice cars. turns out his wife who is a Orthepedic surgeon just got T boned by a drunk driver and is in the hospital having an operation. the drunk is a repeat offender and she has broken collar bone, broken leg, broken ribs and possible internal bleeding. So he jets off to the hospital to deal with the mess and I feel real bad for him because of his wife, and how his trip is obviously cancelled. Later today I find out she will be ok and is transfered to the house with 24 hours doctor watch and the drunk makes bail for 5k.

Today spent most of time getting car ready and meeting other on the run. Got the police scanner installed and all set up at Car Toys and the fixed a problem with the Ipod hookup. Markus the orginizer seems to have his plan together and all cars getting stickered up , and we got our race packets with goodies and what not. Roy and the gang of girls and what not supposedly never made it home and still doing whatever wherever. Tonight there is a party at a club called Element, and we all leave in morning tommorow from Fairmont at 9:15 to run to Oregon where it is believed we will have a track day somewhere. Also told we will be racing on Leguna Seca in Cali. sidenote -Cali new law allows cars to get impounded if caught about 100. we shall see who losses their car. also couple in a Lambo getting marries at the Bellagio after this event if the dont kill each other on the way.

Good Friend Geoff from Vancouver just arrived so gotta run to show him around and get ready for dinner. If all goes well should here more tommorow night.



Please visit for more information on Team Darkcyd's participation in the 2005 Players Run driven by Robb and Tara Rill, from Seattle to Vegas, starting June 3rd to June 9th.Roys


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First Day Summary

Ok keep in minnd its past 12 pm I just got here an hour ago so spelling and grammer will be horrible. I have limited time to write so please bear with me. We left Seattle about 9am and had decent crowd and brief police escort. Route card was wrong and instead of conituning on I-5 we went towards the airport instead. Figured it out and group of 20 of us running pretty hard in dense traffic. Best thing we purchased out of all the equipment was the uniden bct-8 scanner and not only did it save us multiple times as we heard the cops freaking out about what was going on, but allowed us to take the lead in the stage after our lead group got nicked by about 5 cops waiting even though by the time they saw us we were not speeding. Had our buddy Jerry in the Stradale Modena in cuffs and confiscated video tape of him basically chasing me the whole time up until then.  We then ran by ourseleves for several hours wondering where everyone was and hearingf the police call ahead to alert we were comming. Crossed the border fine and ended up running hard in the mountins. what I did not know was cop was wating for us at what was an indian reservation. We had no idea, and without radar caught up to me , yanked me over, and told me he could take me to jail becasue anything over 25mph over in a reservation was federal offence. Was nice guy, I got 250 fine, and no points since its federal. We leave then 10 minuites later pulls me agin -same cop I was doing 70 and thinking how could he and basically said no more warnings and stay at 55. We did and still retained top rankings.  Cannot express how important scanner was as we heard the aiplanes overhead indicating their game plan. Ended up running toward Crater lake and heard a buddy in an nsx we knew get pulled with mile marker and so we knew where he was. This is after running 100 miles behind a coip doing 55. He wavd at us and we at him and we continued running with the nsx to Crater lake. Then the entrance was closed so we needed to run around the long way which was an additional 50 miles and ran into a fuel problem. Middle of nowhere no cell service and no stations anywhere. I see a cop and I pull over to find out where I might grap some quick petrol and he tells me nothing around except a hidden place that is a camp ground site. If it was not for that cop we would be stuck in the middle of the forest by ourselves with no gas or communication. so the group of 15 cars pass us the pther way wondering where we were going and by time we got gas and made it up to the top of the mountain we were about 25th. If we had not had the gas problem would have been first. The two germans dressed up as cops were first in a mercedes SUVAmazing. We then ran to Ashland where we are now after a very slow drive since cops were everywhere and now have notified everyoine in every state we are comming. Tommorow is about a 700 mile drive and we go through some very beautiful scenery but im keeping that to myself until its done. Lotus ran perfect with no problems.My buddy in the GT3rs got up to 178 then he tells me he his liscence is exired. Peter is the funniest guy I know and I cant help to laugh so hard because he dosnt even tery to be funny. He talks like Arnold Swatzennager and driver like shumacher. Some nice local kids gave us a ride to dinner since its freezing cold and was a 10 minute walk. Thanks guys. The mountain view was amazing and we actually drove through snow. Hard to beleive being from Florida.  Marcus the event orgazier has done a top job and the staff is super professional. We got to our hotel room with the bags already there which is a nice feeling after a 13 hour drvie and Tara had a crises in the morning since we ran out of room in the lotuis with items she thought would fit. Dont ask how we made it fit, but we did. Anyways there are actually about 20 other little funny stories about other I could write but time is short now so will have to wait for another entry. Got some good video and for the nice guy Rob we met in Seattle at the start please send those pics. Anybody else who saw us off today or that we met along the way please sned the pics and we will post them on the website when we get back . I know lots plan to meet up with us in Cali and we really look forward to it. Colin called me from the Gumball last year in the middle of the action and it was right after that call that things got chaotic. Mayber he was a bad omen ;-)



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Day 2

Good evening. Today was a spectacular day.! Met a nice guy in the morning who was a local in Ashland who helped me  find a gas station that was open at 7 Am to prepare for the start. . Sleepy little town didn't have much available. We started out with a police escort and because of yesterday nobody wanted to take lead. I think I menrtioned I was leading a pack that all got nicked yesterday and now have to go to court in Portalnd on criminal charges, and I was the only one to escape the group because I did not pull over. They all got a bum rap and were not speeding when they got caught but regardless are now in the machine of justice. So with them being gun shy I took the lead and with the scanner we ran a a steady but not psycho pace with about 13 cars. Mostly the Lambo Gallardo and the Modena keeping close tabs, with Peter and Bullent in the Gt3 always close behind. We charged into California and were soon into spectacular moutains for at least 125 miles. Was amazing driving up the twisties and lots of excitment since passing the cars we quickly came up upon was difficult. One big event was a truck that was maybe late 70's ford f50, that was loaded with firewood.  Car was clearly unsafe and he was never touching his breaks in front of me with the truck swinging back and forth climbing up the hill. He was going way to fast for that vehicle and when he saw us he reasonibly quickly allowed us to pass. 10 minutes later I find get a call on the walkies that somebody is down. Since I was lead car I pull over and realize only 3 or 4 immediately behind me. I thought one of us went over the cliff and soon discover it is the truck that went over.  He should be dead but a tree caught the truck and he emerges from it relativly unscathed. Knowing the cops are going to blame us, we keep going and later 2 of our vettes get pulled and asked about the wreck. As expected they say one of us cut him off and not only is it not true, one of the last guys in group has it on tape. I saw picture of truck abnd it is no more. Supposdly made news but truth is he either didnt have brakes or didn't use them and went over driving too fast.

Later the radar detector working with the scanners work superb, and I hear over scaenner they mentioining our Lotus specifically, I assume because it was lead car in our group. Every time the cops saw us though we were doing 60 like clockwork and I know they were frustrated that obviously they could not bleive 12 exotics would be doing the speed limit every single time they saw us. We then took a scenic detour through the redwood forrest which was amazing, and I have a picture of the Lotus driving through a huge 1000 year old Red wood tree. Got some lunch  with about 10 of the guys and relaxed for an hour since we made good time. Tara then took over and drove the last 125 miles on in and I have to say I was impressed with her driving as the cemera crew recorded the action. Since we were lead car I told guys we were switching and that they could pass if bored but it ended up being her driving a levels nobody expted and Peter my crazy Grman friend in the GT3 said she forced them to even push harder. Kudus to the wife! Drove into San Fran and was jammed with Traffic. Was worried about the Lotus overheating but the fan kicked on and we were good. Lotus ran flassless and we seemed to get quite a reputation for having an agressive running car. The Hotel scene at the Fairmont we like a huge event with all thethe street in front of the hotel blocked off so we could all display the cars. Steve Saleen sent an S-7 over who will join us on the run. Also an enzo joined us today, so expect more things to come. We are going to go tour the Saleen factory later I am told which is exciting to me since we own one. Had a great party at the penthouse of the fairmont and catering and service was top notch and met and made many new friends. Tara is going to drive a ferrari 360 for part of tommorws stage and I will run in the Lotus with another co driver. The only dissapointment was a pal Jeff with another Black esprit that has 650 HP was delevered to the hotel to run in the event with us and snapped a drive shaft 8 blocks away from the hotel on a test run. So he will contuine to run in his cab 996. Wanted to have us together running to show the Lotus domination for the event but not going to happen. Anyways, we run to LA tommorow and should see some of the coast. Have quite a few friends expecting to meet us in LA and looking forward to it. As always plenty of stories to tell with not enough time to write at current moment. Fort anybody going to meet the event in LA we are going to arrive at the Mondrian and please send any pictures you take of us in the car. It seems every new stop has more and more people. Hope you end up being one of them.


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 Today was the best yet by far. We started out with a police escort through the streets of San Francisco and people were amazed at all the cars. Steve Saleen sent an S7 to run with us and we went  in a parade through some really hilly streets including that famous street theat is brick and winds back and forth in between some houses. The roads are terrible and I spent an hour prior to- leaving trying to get the Lotus washed, and ended up doing it myself at the Garage since it was too early to find someone. We all charged out pretty hard and hit the typical trafic associated with Cali. On the way, I friend Colin from the European Gumball met up with us a a gas station to say hello and he and his father were kind enough to bring us some digital tapes for the camera mounted on the car, so meeting up with them was a necessity. We drove up the coast to Hurst Castle which had some amazing roads that were very tight. Alex and Danielle in the Lambo Gallardo, and Phil in the Modena ran hard with us, and things were great till we hit contruction work. Mid way up there was road work and traffic was backed up for an hour and Peter and Bullent thought I was behind them in traffic so they told me via the walkies, I should go up the wrong way to bypass traffic. Make a long story short, they said I was clear when I was not and I ended up pissing off quite a few vehicles going the wrong way. The good news I was now in front of the line that was being held back so when we we were realeased I just had to pass 15 cars and then me and Alex in the Gallrdo spent 65 miles all to ourselves up chasing cars on some if the windiest roads I have ever done along the Pacific coast. We got great video of it with the in car camera mount. We made it to Hurst castle in Second place which was pretty good. Hurst castle is a amazing place, but it would take two hours to see the tour so we had to skip it which was a dissappointment.

It was the tiime for Tara to drive the Ferrarii Modena Stadale owened by Jerry who got nicked by the cops in the group running with me in Seattle, and Tara was quite eager to test it. We ran in a pack of about 10 and with me in lead car with Jason as my codriver we came upon a trooper who must have been looking for us. so we tailed him for 20 miles videotapping and as soon as he pulled over to the side of the road to get behind us , we took off hard and he went poof and dissappeared. We lost all the cars following and came upon a truck that was going about 110 and wanted to race us. This reminded me of the incident yesterday with the other truck and all I could do was laugh at the fact this guy wanted nothing more than to run with us. We ended up at a gas station with him where he told us he could have gone much faster but wanted to be safe. I'm thinking he lost a screw or two since the road coniditions were rough and the Lotus kept bottoming out.  The HRE rims are one inch biger then stock and even though I had the fender wells trimmed it still scraps under fast conditions with bumpy roadfs.  We drove quite fast within our limits into La and ended up at the Mondrian hotel in 6th. It should be noted our guys Alex in the Lambo and Patrick in the Modena were one and two. OS our roup should get major props.  Tara came in with Jerry about 20 minutes later about 20th.  There was a guy called Birdman that is banned from the event and promoting the Ultimate Rally which is a true race done by the infamous Kimble and was not a welome  guest since he was banned after last year, and was told after tryng to impress people with his 650 HP Porsche he broke down an hour away from Hurst Castle. I think Marcus the event orgainizer was not too dissappointed to hear this news.

At the hotel, we had an amazing dinner at the hotel which is considered one of the trendiest in LA. Steve Saleen stopped by and is being a track car for tommorow event where we will do a track day at California speedway where we will be led to by police escort some 60 miles from here. We had no trouble with the police and the scanner was quiet. All in all a great day and was happy to have a freind Jason fly in from Amerstdam to see us. We go downstairs to the cars to grab some items we needed and a girl thart was picked up by a guy in the NSX who basically left me when I almost ran out of gas was doing a photo shoot half nude on the Car. I really thought this was quite funny for reasons I cannot go into at this point. Needless to say, I think she made some new friends.

Im quite tired now and need to pack the gear for tommorow so thats all for tongiht.




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Day 4

Today was an impressive day. We left the Mondrian with a huge police escort normally reserved only for the president and very high ranking officals.  We started on Sunset and headed for the Interstate where we had a track day at the California speedway. They blocked off huge parts of I-5 and we ran as a pack of 60 at speeds upwards of 115 with the cops leading the way the whole 60 miles. It was hard to beleive the cops that had been previously harrassing us, were now not only helping us but enjoying themselves as well, speeding on their motorbikes. One cop was actually seen doing wheelies.  About 15 of them in total did a great job blocking off traffic and making sure we got to the speedway without issues. Starting on Sunset would be quite difficult without them as traffic was packed, and people were amazed at all the cars. The cops than hung out as we tracked the cars. After the drivers meeting, we had a visit from Darth Vadar and Chewbacka, and Roy Cats made an apperrace basically in the buff except for womens panties in the name of lightening up the weight so his lambo would travel faster. After showing Tara the racing lines , she hit the track and got a little too aggressive. Spun the car out comming out of the chicane, and off roaded it sideways, but she is a trooper and was doing rapid laps just 10 minutes later.  I got to Track a Gallardo  for the first time thanks to alex and Danielle who ran hard with us in the mountains, and Patrick in the Ferrari who has been in our lead group, gave me some lessons since he is a race driver in the Ferrari Challenge series. I wasn't used to the E shifter but the Gallardo is quite nice with 550 Hp and a V-10 although not vert torquey but fun none the less with all wheel drive.

We then met Steve Saleen and I thanked him for the work on our car which allowed us to do so well in Gumball Europe last year. He brought a twin turbo S-7 and gave people a ride.  The was also a Ford Gt for us to check out which is very comfortable to sit in with the shifter angled toward the driver which I liked  alot.  We then did a bad thing and Ran a Porche driven by a Rolex cup driver against us in a Modena chasing and got kicked off for doing it. Peter did a great job with very smooth lines. I than got in a Jag for the final run to Sandiego as a passenger since Tara ran in the Lotus to the Solomar in the Hotel with a camera man for an interview on the event.  I ran with  Marcus's brother the event organizer, who is a very cool managing director for a interent company. This funny German is 6 '7 and looks like a basket ball player and we just laughed about all the craziness since this was his first event. I was told some guys had some trouble with the cops on the run to the hotel but once again the police scanner alerted the group, and Roy Cats was seen pulled over for supposedly going 150  which technically can allow them to impound the vehiclke under new Califoranian law for anything over 100. Havn't seen him since.
Had a bizzare experience at a place called the strip club where you cook your own steaks. I don't eat meat so was not exactly my type of place. Later one of the Ferrar 355's had the top down in the garage and a bunch of guys took the soiled towels from the huge laundry bins and stuffed the whole car with them . Was not my idea but admit I participated in the joke. Met one of the guys chronicling the event (another Marcus)who had facinating life including photographing Nelson Mandela in 1994 and witnessing the autrocities in Rwanda during the same time period. He spend 9 months traveling most of the world on a motorcycle.  We then filmed the ending scene to what is going to be for the movie of Players Run being made with Tara and I on a rickshaw, with the guy biking us back to Florida on the assumption we killed the car. All in all a very fun day.

Tommorow, we make the final run to Vegas where a helicopter is waiting to take us for a tour of the city at 2:45. Hope to have one more good run and make it early as we did on previous stages. If all goes will be no big police issues. Huge finale party at the Bellagio and award ceremony. We hope to see some of you there.


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  Team Darkcyd
Last Day

Ok the end has finally come. I'm going to be breif because I have to getr ready for the black tie affair in one hour. Because of  our experiance I knew we needed to leave earlier than the other in ordor to minimize the issue with the police. I quietly let about 5 guys that had been running with me to selectively join us and leave at 8:30  which was about an 30 minutes earlier then most.  We set out and almost immediately hit traffic at about 15 minutes into it due to a tractor trailer that runed ove.r Traffic was back up for at least an hour so our strategy was thwarted. We had to drive on the hard shoulder for about couple miles in bumber to bumber traffic and we turned off to find an alternative route to Vegas. After about 15 minutes we determined it would take too long and ended up looping back which killed at least another 30 minutes. On the way we picked up about 5 other Players and end getting great film of a pack of about 10. not everybody had gas so we stopped more than we needed and were clearly not going to make good time. sincve the pack caught up with us the poilice were on full alert and had airplanes and helicopters afrter us. AScanner worked petty well but they switched to a private frequency after they realized we could hear them since we thwarted earlt effoirts to nab us. I am imaginging their in total were about 20 -25 cops at several check points so we slowed down but they still wanted us too bad even though we were not really speeding. I got nicked for 83 in a 70 and illegal lane change which is a joke from a helicopter. The cop almost seemmed embarrassed he had to do it and we were quickly off as he said we were the lowest ticket he had written and one was in jail os far. We then warned everybody were instructed they were lining up ahead of us and we simply couldn't make good time. almost everybody got pulled and the party crasher Adrian from Ultimate rally the party crasher that broke down on the way to hurst Castle got popped at an alleged 200 mph and went to jail. a buddy in a yellow Murcialago got caught be the airplane and decided to evade. The funny part is they couldnt find him and the pulled their number and sticker, called Lamborghini who is sent a truck to picked up car and had a helicopter pick them up in the middle of nowhere off the I-15 to take them to the hotel. They have no clothes and we have a black tie affair that starts in one hour at our hotel in begas which I prefer not to diclose but probably can be figured out easily. Since we made such poor time we went straight to our helicopter in Vegas that gave us an amazing tour of the Hoover Dam. If you are ever in Vegas you must rent a helicopter to do this. Unbeleivable view. We then rolled in to the Bellagio with out pals Peter and Bulllent in the GT3RS and just checked into the hotel abuot an hour ago . Had a buddy Kieth waiting to surprise me and was told we made the news several times. I have a feeling tonight is going to be a very late night celebrating the event and I have to commend Marcus and his staff for putting together an amazing event. The level of proffesionalism was unparrelled. We have amazing video and pitucres and will post the pictures when we get back . If anyone has pictures of us please email them to us as we wil put them all together in one place to display. I will update everyone tommorow and post activities when I get a chance.

I have to comment how impressed I am with the Esprit. The car performed flawlessley and I never even had a hint of a problem. Car was fast, reliable, and all the equipment incllding NAV , scanner Radar , walkies, worked perfect. The only thing that is a scam from my perspective was the Laser Jammer which goes off when I honk the horn and cost 1000 bucks. Perhaps it saved me once or twice but I really don't think so. Want to thank Peter Bullent, Jason Jerry, Depak, and everyone else who helped us minimize authority involement today and on the other days. Without such cooperation would have been much much worse.



Players Run 05 After Party and Summary


I am on the plane on the way back to Florida and thinking of all the crazy things that happened. Letís start with after we arrived at the Bellagio. I can say that now since, nobody showed up to arrest anyone.  There was a special place to park on the cars, which at a place like the Bellagio is a big plus. We only had a couple hours to get ready, and one of the things I needed was a Tux since it was a black tie affair. The funnier part is on the way to Vegas from San Diego with the police chopper above and police just ahead, Tara is on the phone with the Concierge demanding they arrange a Tux for me without ever measuring me and have it waiting for us in the room when we got there. The Bellagio being a 5 star hotel not only was willing and able to accommodate the request, they got the measurements perfect, and it was in the room as promised with our luggage ahead of us. Top notch. We quickly got ready, and were ready for the awards ceremony by 8PM. As we entered the main area, we were interviewed for our final thoughts by one of the Camera men for the Players Run movie being made, and I have to say I felt a little conservative since he was quite pimped out in a purple suit. My only radical departure was wearing a Black Bentley baseball cap backwards with my tux, I bought only hours before at a gas station for $5.99 (my cheapest purchase of anything on the trip), since I happen to like the 550HP Continental GT and it might end up in my new garage as soon as the  house is finished to accommodate it (too many cars not enough Garage space-lol).


The room was packed with about 150 drivers, co drivers, and guests that flew in. We supposedly made brief mentions on CNN and the AP picked us up regarding the issues back in Seattle. I interviewed Bill and Cindy who got flown in by Chopper due to the Lambo /police incident and tried to interview a few others who stuck out in my mind who ran hard with me including Alex in Danielle in the Black Gallardo who decided to fly in for the last leg and avoid the cops altogether , and 2 Brits who ran in an open top Lotus similar to an Elise but weighed only 1200 pounds that got pulled over for a British tag by a California FHP who demanded from Ashley the passenger his license until he protested that since he did not have a steering wheel on his side of the car the cop got the wrong man! Unfortunately my battery on the camera ran out shortly after and I could not get too many more. Then Roy Cats the crazy host of the initial party in Seattle, who I think is one of the most memorable characters on this thing, got up at the podium and demanded we all share our stories since many people did not hear what happened to everyone else. He started with a funny little story about since he is single and constantly dating new young women, that he thought he would impress her by showing his car collection which included the 20 cars in his possession that we all shipped over to his house including my Lotus, several Ferraris, a Renntech SL 600, Porches all of kind represented, and even aother like a tricked out Dodge Ram truck and many others. He asked her to pick whatever car she wanted so they could drive to dinner, and since he forgot to mention only the four Lambo's were his, he hoped she would picked one of his cars. Not that wouldnít impress anyone in the first place, but funny as hell none the less since by luck she picked one of his cars. The next funny story of his was when we all drove through the Red wood forest. There is a place where you can drive your car through a tree and that was a checkpoint. We have a picture of the Lotus barely making it through. While Roy knew his car was much wider than anything else in existence, he wanted to do it anyway. Needless to say the Lambo didnít fit. The funnier part is when one of the crew walked up to him after and said I was pretty sure you wouldnít make it since the other Lambo that tried couldnít fit either. Hilarious. We then took turns telling our highlights which for Tara included dirt tracking the Lotus backwards at Califronia speedway, and for me racing up to Hurst Castle dog fighting with Alex in the Gallardo  after beating all the stalled traffic going the wrong way when Bullent in the GT3 told me it was all clear, only to later discover I was already ahead of him and he was clearly wrong. We finished second at that stage.


After hearing many hilarious stories including many I had not heard before such a Reza in the 650 HP Porsche pissing in a cup and then lacking the brains to realize what would happen to them when they tried to toss it out the window at over 100MPH put everyone on the floor.  Goes to the old saying never try to piss in the wind.The scene was captured on video and I feel bad for the detailer who has to clean the interior. Brian one of the Camera guys revealed his trick to slowing us down for certain shots that was so smart I couldnít help but laugh. They had a radar gun in their car so they simply shot our car when they needed us to slow us down since out of the blue our radar would go nuts and we would freak out. I had wondered why that had happened out of the blue with no cops appearing and chalked it up to faulty radar. Now I know the truth.


Marcus then gave the awards ceremony, which included best car, best player (it is technically a poker run), and best spirit. Peter and Bullent were runners up with their GT3RS of which there are only 3 in the country, with the winner being Roy Cats since he has the only Brown Lambo Diablo in existence. Best hand went to Bill and Cindy in the Yellow Murcialago with a Royal Flush, and best spirit went to the 2 Germans in a new Mercedes SUV who constantly changed outfits from Sadam Hussein, and George Bush, Chewbaca and Darth Vadar, and Denver Jailbirds with Orange Jump suits.


We all got Plaques with our names on it for whoever made it all the way stopping at every checkpoint. We then changed Venues to Club Lure in the New Wynn Casino. We had a private VIP room and the bouncer made me remove my Bentley Hat. Was very upscale with quite erotic dancing going on between women, and I then was reminded of what VIP means to them. I donít drink and my friends Peter and Bullent only wanted a few mixed drinks. She then told me it didnít work that way and there was only bottle service in the VIP room which consisted of only things like 350 dollar bottles of vodka, and DOM. If my pals had any interest in that I might have said the hell with it and bought one but they really only wanted a Jack and coke and Tara only water. So I almost got in a fight with her since we needed a quota to fill of one bottle for every 3 people she insisted. I donít like being told what to do so I simply refused. She backed off since other players seemed willing to make up with the quote themselves and the bar tab I think was in excess of 6k.


We then decided to change venues since some of the women were willing to experience Vegas in other ways they normally never would and we hired 3 limos to take us to CH2 which is basically the most well known and world famous strip club and often has up to 400 of the prettiest women in the club at the same time. Most of the women never had been to one and liked the excitement associated with seeing the world normally reserved for men. I admit to playing the roll of instigator and bought some of the women dances to see their expressions. I admit it was the best money I spent on others on the trip. One instance with Julian and his wife Kimberly provided much amusement. She apparently and happily enjoyed her Dance, but when I bought one for her husband the tables turned. Although he was clearly interested, he kept looking over for approval and wasn't getting it. The girl stopped and I paid her anyway.. I guess there is a double standard after all-lol. Another highlight was Markusís (the organizer of the event)  brother who is 6-7 and also hilarious. He is from Munich and looked a little stressed, so I got him a dance and had her smack him around a bit. A little pleasure and pain. I think it was the highlight of the evening, and we left about 4:30 but they have a picture of themselves leaving with the sun coming up. Too funny.


The next morning I called about 8 of the Players to meet us for breakfast at 12 and by the time we got there was about 30 people. It seemed nobody wanted the event to end which is how we felt. We all swapped more stories, exchanged phone numbers and email, and I explained how I was going to set up a section on the site for everybody to upload their pictures and video which I am having professionally edited for all to have including visitors to this site. I feel I made some really good friends with the highlight being Peter and Bullent. I think Peter with his strong German accent is the funniest person I ever met, and had to laugh when the Germans told me he also sounds funny to them too when he speaks German. He is such a great guy and shipped my car without even asking for money and which has still not been paid yet. His partner in crime Bullent who is the yin to his yang and always so serious yet laid back, makes their relationship even more comical for me.


All in all it was one of the best times of my life. I cannot reiterate how professional the organization was and my hats go off to Markus and his wife Valerie, Stephan and the two Timís which I called t1 and t2. It is very difficult to pull off an event like this with so much to potentially go wrong, and whatever did we never knew about it. Tara and I will definitely do it again, and she even talked about doing her own car. If thatís the case, I may have to let her race the Lotus as I chase her in Luxury in a Continental GT. You will have to wait and See.



I have too many people to thank so please understand if I forget to mention your name. Starting with Jimmy for prepping the car, Sound Ideas in Gainesville for installing the Alpine IPOD and Main head unit, Ryan the trucker who got the Lotus in perfect shape to Seattle. Car Toys in Seattle for finishing what Sound Ideas didnít have time to do (although the jammer is a scam), Roy Cats for handling the car in Seattle and even paying for the work in advance, Peter and Bullent, Markus, Valerie, Stephan, the two Timís, Markus the camera guy, Benny and Markus ( who I think went broke at CH2), and many others who I canít remember their names now. Also Axel, and Brian who I think got lucky with the ďmodelĒ.


To the drivers and co driver that gave us memories we shall not forget. Roy Cats, Depak, Alex and Danielle in the Gallardo, Patrick and Robert in the Modena, Jerry and Jason in the Stradale, Jason and Melanie in the Porsche Turbo  I hope you liked the K and D CD), Kevin and his Brother in the Mac daddy black Dodge Ram Truck,  Jeff and Carrie in the Porsche Cab(sorry we could race both espritís, the Brits in the Open Lotus Ashley and Mark his pro photographer driver who showed me how to use my camera, Aloise in the Porsche Cab, The crazy Germans with costumes in the  Merc Suv, Richard and co-driver in the Black Gallardo, Raymond and Mary in the Yellow Diablo, Bill and Cindy in the Yellow Mucilago. Kalib in the Porsche with the funny story about having his head outside the Porsche at 140 and assessing damage after his tire blew with his Turban staying perfectly still on his head (see you in Vancouver), the Crazy Canadians from Vancouver in the Vettes, Peter in the Ferrari Modena that I got kicked off the track for racing Matt the race car driver, Bart and Holly in the 550 Maranello (thanks for dinner) and everyone else. I know I forgot a lot of people so please forgive me. I hope everyone tries to stay in touch and please contact me by email on this site for questions abut the FTP site and to the guys in the Viper who said the had the amazing footage of all 12 of us racing in a pack up the mountains on highway 99, please contact me as I need that footage for the video we are putting together.



Will get pictures up in a few days with video to follow. With two Cameras and one mounted we have great footage. Sorry about the technical difficulties on the site and people not getting the email updates after 3 days. Still not sure what went wrong.






Please from now on refer to Daily updates page for more info as this page was primarily used when having technical difficulties on the road.


June 3rd
Seattle Ė Registration and Car Check

June 4th
Start Seattle Ė Secret Location Oregon Mountains
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June 5th
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June 6th
San Francisco Ė Los Angeles
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June 7th
Los Angeles Ė San Diego
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June 8th
San Diego Ė Las Vegas
Special Event
Black Tie Finale

June 9th
Breakfast and Departure Ė Las Vegas

Locations of special events (helicopter fleet, mega yacht, police escorts, race tracks and cars) are being kept a secret until rally day.

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